About Always Mod

Our Story

Our Mission:

As our name suggests, AlwaysMod's mission is simply stated yet not easily achieved: to offer design that will always be modern. To us, modern doesn't have to mean new and trendy. In fact, it's oftentimes just the opposite. The designs that will remain relevant are the ones that can outlive the fickle fads, whether they are time-tested or contemporary classics. We also strive to challenge the misconception that modern design is cold or sterile. While known for its clean lines, modern design is intriguing to look at as well as welcoming to interact with; meant to be both loved and lived-in. The mark of a modern artist is the knowledge of when to stop adding, leaving a design only with what's essential and instinctively beautiful. What they create, we curate to bring you the best selection of modern design in the world.

Our Epiphany:

AlwaysMod founder and owner Ben Horn first encountered this form follows function philosophy while studying abroad in Finland. It was the mid '70s, and the homes, storefronts and public places were filled with design unlike anything he had seen growing up in Chicago. The simplicity and practicality of Scandinavian design was a refreshing change from the cluttered product market he was used to, which was lacking quality and creativity. The best part of this movement of modern minimalism and functionalism was that it wasn't just in museums or magazines, but woven into everyday life. Horn realized that modern design is not solely a décor style but a lifestyle, and knew he wanted to spread the word in some way, someday.

Our Beginnings:

Fast forward three decades later and Horn is making his dream a reality. In 2008, AlwaysMod opened its online retail doors, cyber shelves stocked with Finland's most beloved brand: Marimekko. A pioneer in modern design with global impact, it was only fitting that the store started with Marimekko's bold and recognizable prints; but that was only the beginning of this Minneapolis-based business.

Our Future:

AlwaysMod now offers modern design from architects, artists and other creatives all over the world, and we are constantly adding to the selection. By offering an eclectic collection, we invite you to mix and match between brands and designers to let your space reflect the many sides of you. The harmony between each of the objects makes this combinability not only possible, but encouraged. Throughout the site you'll find recommended pairings to help you realize your dream space, as well as inspirational images that offer ideas on ways in which the wide range of products can be displayed and used. We also regularly contribute to our blog and social media pages to stay connected with the design world and with our shoppers. While our selection has expanded to be more inclusive, each object is still exclusively handpicked by our knowledgeable team to abide by design principle that started it all: true timelessness.

Our Promise:

Our ideals as a company have remained the same since day one, too. Independently owned, we strive to make the modern online shopping experience as personable as possible. From ease of shopping to quick and careful shipping, we guarantee complete satisfaction with your entire experience, and encourage you to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns or compliments. Unlike big box companies, we truly know and are passionate about the products we offer. The design objects are stocked in our on-site warehouse, allowing us to provide personal and accurate first-hand descriptions as well as promptly answer any questions you may have. Allow us to introduce and deliver design to you that will never be thrown away, but rather used, admired, talked about and passed down from one chapter of its story to the next.

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