Jenni Tuominen

A hands-on and experimental artist, Marimekko designer Jenni Tuominen contributes upbeat and light-hearted prints that instantaneously induce a cheerful mood. Graduating as a blacksmith in 1996, Tuominen decided to delve further into her creative mind and went back to school and became a printmaker/artist in 2001.

Heavily influenced by Marimekko designers Katsuji Wakisaka and Maija Isola, her affinity towards the playful was also inspired by the works of Finnish author Tove Jansson. Often noted for having a flair for the silly, Tuominen’s impressive prints create a world for the mind to escape as lively images of animals, twirling lines and joyful colors transport you to a place of complete happiness. In admiring her recent designs such as Jätski & Kuurupiilo it is easy to see why Jenni Tuominen won Marimekko’s 2006 “Design, Meet the User!” competition.

Jenni Tuominen
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